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Alternative Routes to obtaining a Georgia certificate while you work as an educator

Designed for "career switchers" who already hold degrees and have various life experiences, as well as former educators with expired or invalid certificates who wish to return to the classroom. These routes are not limited to, but are of particular importance when completed in high need, shortage fields such as math, science, foreign language and special education. Initial eligibility requirements lead to a Non-Renewable Certificate and remaining requirements are completed while the individual is serving as an educator in a Georgia public school. Upon completion of this route, the Clear Renewable Certificate is issued.

Traditional Routes to obtaining a Georgia certificate by completing a state-approved educator preparation program, usually at a college or university.

This process could include earning a college degree along with the state certificate, or you might complete the requirements just for a certificate after you have already finished your degree. In addition, educators who move to Georgia with an out-of-state certificate must meet Georgia's certification requirements through reciprocity procedures. For the most part, the traditional initial programs are completed prior to employment in a public school and lead directly to Georgia's Clear Renewable Certificate.

Permit Route to obtaining a Georgia permit to teach in special restricted circumstances.

Permits allow performing artists, retired teachers and native foreign language speakers to teach in Georgia classrooms and selected business/professional leaders to serve in Superintendent positions based on their rich expertise.

Each route is designed to combine high standards with flexibility to bring quality teachers into the classroom. While each route has a unique set of eligibility requirements and different ways to achieve certification, the standards and requirements for the Clear Renewable Certificate are the same regardless of the route chosen.

International Exchange Teacher Route to obtaining a Georgia certificate based on your teacher certification in another country.

International exchange certificates may be awarded to teachers certified in their native country who are not U.S. citizens but who wish to come to Georgia and teach for up to three years.

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