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Personal Trainer Certification


Two organizations currently provide Personal Trainer Certifications. 
AFPA (American Fitness Professionals & Associates) and 
The National Federation of Professional Trainers

AFPA offers some of the most highly regarded health, fitness, nutrition and sports certifications, education programs and educational opportunities available within the fitness industry. AFPA was founded in 1994 and has grown to 55,000 certified members worldwide.  

AFPA certifications are universally accepted throughout the fitness industry and have been peer reviewed and approved for continuing education credits. AFPA certification is approved, endorsed, and/or accepted at many health, fitness and wellness facilities such as those listed below: 

US Department of Defense
Powerhouse Gym
Curves for Women
Ladies Workout Express
World Gym
24 Hour Fitness
LA Fitness
Gold's Gym
Bally Total Fitness
Work Out World
Reebok Sports Club

The National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) was founded in 1988. There was at that time, a recognized concern that the majority of health club staff members and personal fitness trainers were not pursuing existing certification programs. 

After over 15 years, NFPT is now among the most long-standing and trusted personal trainer certifying authorities internationally. 

Expense, inconvenience, non-applicability, high qualifications for acceptance, and the extreme clinical nature of educational materials, makes some of the other credible programs seem unattainable to those seeking fitness trainer credentials. The NFPT was developed sensitive to these concerns. NFPT is the ONLY major certifying organization that specializes in fundamental Personal Fitness Trainer Certification and offers unparalleled NFPT Affiliate support through NFPT's magazine, website, and complete consultation guideline provision. 

The NFPT's Personal Fitness Trainer Certification Program is the result of extensive independent research studies performed by health professionals at NFPT subsidiary research facilities from 1985 until the date of program conception. The purpose of these studies was to apply new scientific principles to various forms of resistance exercises. Applied science and physiology are always used to reinforce new NFPT Principles. 

NFPT has currently established over 100 professional testing sites in the United States, Canada, Mexico and abroad. NO other credible certifying authority offers more testing locations internationally for your convenience. 

NFPT Objectives
The objectives of this 'Federation' are to: (1) provide an affordable, convenient, comprehensive, and applicable education; (2) offer organizational certification credentials for consumer recognition of competence; (3) provide certified affiliates with ongoing education; (4) establish a network of support, and provide professional & profitable services to our trainers; (5) facilitate and encourage the exchange of ideas, knowledge, business experiences, and financial opportunities between all fitness administrators internationally. 


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