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Joseph Pilates, the founder of the the Pilates technique, was a fragile and sickly child—he suffered from rickets, asthma, and rheumatic fever—but through study and training overcame his supposed limitations and went on to become strong, fit, and determined to share with others the techniques that allowed him to develop a healthy body and mind.

Pilates is the fastest-growing trend in fitness today, with millions enjoying its muscle strengthening and body toning benefits. Pilates has been indorsed by physicians for nearly a century. Pilates is truly the ultimate mind-body exercise for anyone how wants to strengthen, streamline and realign their body!

Pilates movements focus on “the powerhouse” – the core muscle groups including the abdomen, lower back, hips, and buttocks. Together, these muscles form a person's physical center. By initiating each movement from the central core of the torso and flowing outward to the extremities, Pilates creates a streamlined body, improves coordination and body awareness, combats stress and tension, and helps to correct posture imbalances.

As A Certified Pilates Fitness Instructor working for yourself:

  • You keep the money you earn.

  • You receive many tax advantages.

  • You create your own work schedule.

  • Your average hourly income can range from $40.00 to 60.00 per hour for individual and group training.

  • You make all the business decisions.

  • You can work from home, in a client's home, or at a facility. 

  • Some certified instructors have created their own home studio's and earn over $1,000 per week, working their own schedule with no travel time and expense.

As an Certified Pilates Fitness Instructor working in a club:

  • You may receive a free membership to the facility.

  • You may receive employee benefits.

  • Management personal with assign you clients.

  • You may be encouraged to sell club memberships and receive additional commissions.

  • You may be required to give a percentage of your money to the club, or pay a rental fee.

  • The facility will have extensive equipment that you can train your clients with to help them obtain their goals.

  • You may get bonuses for obtaining new clients, selling memberships, and nutritional products.

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