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Yoga Certification Training emphasizes safe, effective, and inspiring teaching methods that prepare you to be a confident and competent yoga fitness instructor. We offer excellent training in teaching skills, planning a class, creating confidence, and posture corrections. The program offers instruction and experience in how to live the yogic lifestyle -- enhancing personal health and centeredness through yoga.  This certification program is designed to educate participants about various yoga techniques and how to incorporate them into an individual and group setting.  You will learn modifications, and adjustments in the postures, as well as aspects of other yoga styles. This will enable you to formulate your own personal teaching style.

As a Certified Yoga Fitness Instructor (Level 1) working for yourself:

  • You keep the money you earn.
  • You receive many tax advantages.
  • You create your own work schedule.
  • Your average hourly income can range from $25-45.00 per hour.
  • You make all the business decisions.
  • You can work from home, in a client's home, or at a facility. 
  • Some Yoga certified instructors have created their own home gym and earn over $1,000 per week, working their own schedule with no travel time and expense.

As an Certified Yoga Fitness Instructor (Level 1) working in a club:

  • You may receive a free membership to the facility.
  • You may receive employee benefits.
  • Management personal with assign you clients.
  • You may be encouraged to sell club memberships and receive additional commissions.
  • You may be required to give a percentage of your money to the club, or pay a rental fee.
  • The facility will have extensive equipment that you can train your clients with to help them obtain their goals.
  • You may get bonuses for obtaining new clients, selling memberships, and nutritional products.

Minimum Suggested Prerequisites:

  • 18 years of age; High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Basic understanding of anatomy and physiology.
  • CPR not required to take examination but may be required by employer or to obtain liability insurance.

Yoga Certification Topics Covered:

  • Yogic theory and philosophy
  • Anatomy and Physiology as they relate to yoga  practice
  • Various Meditation methods; mindfulness, walking meditation, use of a mantra
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Body Alignment
  • Balancing Stress & Mental Awareness
  • Class format and how to incorporate and use these various modalities of yoga
  • How to teach a variety of basic beginning yoga classes
  • Warm Ups and Limber Ups
  • Yoga Posturing, Asanas and Variations
  • Yoga Based Movements for Yoga Strength, Flexibility & Enhanced Mental Focus
  • Yoga for Common Problems
  • Progressive Yoga Routines for:
    • Morning Yoga, Energizing Yoga, Lunchtime yoga, Bedtime Yoga, Yoga for Women, Yoga for  Menopause, Yoga for Maternity, Yoga for Children, Yoga for Seniors, Detox Yoga, Yoga for Sports
  • Over 100 yoga positions, 300 step by step color photographs, illustrated with a flowing sequence of quick reference figures.

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